Quick Tips

How can you judge whether a book might be worth bringing in to show me?

What I don’t want

  1. -Books with underlining or highlighting

  2. -Encyclopedias

  3. -Most textbooks

  4. -Public library discards

  5. -Travel books, computer books, romances and gothics

  6. -Best-seller novels [they sold millions of copies and are too common]

I Do Want

  1. -Literary Fiction

  2. -20th Century Poetry

  3. -Philosophy, Eastern Thought, Classical Studies

  4. -Music and Art Books

  5. -Photography and Architecture

  6. -Leather Bound and Illustrated books

  7. -Sets of important authors

  8. -Cook Books, Children’s Books, Humor, Theater and Movies, Foreign Language

  9. -Military History, European History, American History

  10. -The unusual and odd


I am always looking for new books to add to the store. Books come to me from a variety of sources: thrift stores, yard sales, book sales and, quite often, from my customers. If you have a large quantity of books [or sheet music] that you think I might be interested in, call me at 312-447-0068, and be prepared to describe what you have. I am willing to make a house call to buy books, but I need to be fairly confident that the books are worth the trip.

I pay cash, and the amount is a reflection of the value of the books, whether they are common or not, whether I expect them to sell quickly or not. One of the ways that the internet has effected the used book market is to drive down prices of common books.  I mention this as a way to explain why I don’t pay as much for some books as I used to. The basic rule is, the more I want a book, the more I will pay for it. I also offer store credit for books if you prefer, usually about 20% more than cash, depending, again, on what the books are. I do ask, though, that you take the credit then.

If you’re bringing books to me down at the Fine Arts Building, there is an informal loading zone on Michigan Ave., between the Northbound and Southbound lanes, right across from the building. This is where Fed Ex, food delivery trucks, etc., park temporarily to make deliveries. I can’t guarantee that you won’t get a ticket - it has happened to me once in 2 and a half years. None of my customers ever have, at least not yet. The optimal time to bring books in and use that loading zone is on Sunday [as long as there is no home Bears Game]. There are other parking lots nearby, none of them, alas,  inexpensive.

Bring your books in for cash or credit